Slack is a major part of how we communicate at work. If you still think it’s just about chat then chances are you’re using it wrong. Other collaboration tools exist and some have similar features but Slack is the dominant choice.

After using Slack, and similar collaboration focused tools, in…

In my time at Amazon, I’ve observed the way we use documents is incredibly unique. A lot has been written about the six-pager and PR/FAQ so I’m not going focus on document formats, but I wanted to share how our process benefits from document-based meetings. …

You’ve discovered that Signal can provide you with secure communication from your phone that is cross platform and free!

First of all you may be asking “who makes Signal?” Signal Messenger LLC. is the company that makes the Signal app. They are funded by the Signal Foundation which is a…

Here’s to the people I can relate to. The people that I don’t know but I understand. For those who feel alien because of our past or our present.

Here’s to us who moved because we couldn’t afford to stay. Those who were on the receiving end of church meals…

I never would have imagined I would be a part of such an amazing place. Being able to work on technology and help make cartoons kids all of the world love has been awesome.

After four and a half years it’s time to say goodbye to friends and co-workers who have taught me so much! I’m thankful for how this place has changed me and the world through our stories and art.

Keep up the great work and keep moving forward to push yourselves and your craft!

Next week I start a new adventure as a lead software engineer for the infrastructure team at Disney streaming services. It will be a great new challenge I’m looking forward to!

ChromeOS desktop screenshot

TL;DR I’d love if Google made the ChromeOS experience better for professionals but I have little hope they’ll figure it out any time soon given the issues I experienced.

I’ve been using a Pixelbook as my main mobile computer for a little over a month now. I have long wanted…

Justin Garrison

Trying new things. Breaking stuff. Likes open source.

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